About Us


The purpose of CodForGod.net is to serve the Christian community during the period of lent by making it easy to find a local Fish Fry. We are actively increasing the number of Fish Frys in the index so that no matter where you live, you will have local recommendations in your phone and in your hand. 

How is it free?

Getting into the index is free. In fact, we need your events listed here! The money that makes this website work comes from advertising and on some promotional materials we produce. We will also be reselling this information to television and radio stations, local governments and related websites so that they can display Fish Fry information on their sites attractively and cost-effectively. 

Why is that good for me?

What is better than free advertising for your Fish Fry? The answer is: more free advertising! Our listings will be on this website and on all of our client sites as well. That means your event will be noticed and read by more people than ever before. We hope you can handle that! (You might need more fish, just saying.)

What's Next?

Some locations have requested some additional services beyond advertising, including more pages devoted to their event, room for videos and photos and testimonials. That is coming soon. We also will be making it possible for Fish Fry locations to take orders online for pickup and delivery options. Contribute your ideas below. We are listening.


Share your ideas and feedback!